The Lelit trademark was created on the basis of Samarkand Euro Asia Textile LLC textile enterprise, which was founded in 2015 and is a unique enterprise that runs the entire production cycle from cotton growing to the production of finished textile products at its own production facilities.

Lelit company specializes in the production of fabrics, bedding and home textiles made of natural cotton with 3D printing and occupies 24 hectares of land, where workshops for the production of linen, its processing, dyeing and sewing are based.
An individual approach and a competently organized process for the manufacture of products and fabrics, together with high-performance modern equipment from leading manufacturers, make it possible to produce high-quality products at all stages of production.
The production capacity of the fabric processing and dyeing workshop is more than 50,000 linear meters per day and 300,000 sets of bed linen per year.

 High-tech equipment makes it possible to process the fabric, giving it the necessary properties, apply patterns of any complexity, choose a color palette from a million colors at the request of the customer.